So I decided to install Ubuntu on my Thinkpad again. I’ve been using XP lately because things like wireless, sleep and multiple monitors “just work” and I’m sick of messing with the OS. (That’s the same reason I bought a MacBook, but that’s another story.)

The install of Ubuntu 6.06 from the live CD went pretty smoothly. Linux and XP didn’t agree on the partition table boundaries so I created the partitions in XP and ran the install a second time.

Sleep worked out of the box which is impressive. All I needed to do was change the preferences so that machine went to sleep when the lid was closed.

Wireless took a little more work. I could connect to WEP networks with the default install but it seemed a little flaky.

I really need WPA for my wireless, which took more time to get working. Searching Google, it seemed like NetworkManager was the solution. installation was easy.

sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome

Unfortunately network manager didn’t see my wireless card. Maybe because I already set it up with the default networking tool?

The magic step was to edit /etc/network/interfaces and comment out any references to my wireless card ath0. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure that step out, but now WPA works and my computer can scan for wireless networks.

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4 comments on “Ubuntu
  1. Marc says:

    I’m glad that I’ve only dealt with Ubuntu on desktops and so I’ve never had to deal with setting up wireless.

  2. Chris B says:

    Had a very different experience with Kubuntu install on a HP Pavillion zv5000. However after reading this post in Ubuntu Forums. I was able to get things going. As with “Foo”, network manager is the key as well as commenting out ~/interfaces.

    Thanks for the insigth :)

  3. […] Now with my wireless working on Kubuntu. I really felt the need to give back to the open source community. So I start simple. I created my first Splash Screen for KDE – Foo Splash. It’s a very simple splash but its a start. […]

  4. Word to the wise: WPA works for *some* cards and chipsets, not all. On my Lucent Orinoco “Silver”, it will do WEP but not WPA, and not even the former, on Dapper Drake with my moderate amount of trying random things to make it work. Back to the unencrypted drawing board. :)

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