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iPhoto 6 and image rotation

I noticed that the size of my iPhoto directory seemed to be growing a lot faster than I expected. It turns out that when a photo is rotated on the camera, iPhoto creates a backup and then rotates it on

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Downgrading v3c for OBEX

I successfully downgraded my v3c phone following the instructions at what’s bruin. I used PST instead of RSD Lite. Everything seemed to work well. I was able to pair the phone with my Mac and browse the filesystem via OBEX.

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Upgrading to Rails 1.1.5 with svn:externals

Rails announced a mandatory security patch. For the third time: This is not like “sure, I should be flossing my teeth”. This is “yes, I will wear my helmet as I try to go 100mph on a motorcycle through downtown

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Loading AOL Search Data into MySQL

AOL released a bunch of search data for research purposes. Obviously this upset a lot of people. (You can read about that elsewhere.) I figure it’s a great chance to mess with a large data set and to check out

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apt for cygwin

cyg-apt is like apt and makes installing cygwin packages a lot more friendly. I’ve always disliked the clunky setup program that comes with cygwin so this is a really nice improvement. assuming you have cygwin, wget and python installed cd

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Creating a private wiki with MoinMoin

MoinMoin has Access Control Lists (ACLs) so I figured it would work for creating a private wiki on the internet. Unfortunately this is against the MoinMoin philosophy so it took a little work. MoinMoin pages can be protected by adding

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