Debugging JRuby with Netbeans 6

Debugging JRuby with NetbeansĀ 6

I do most of my Ruby development in TextMate and Java development in IntelliJ, but both have quirks with JRuby. I’ve been checking out Netbeans 6 M10 and the Netbeans Ruby IDE. There are some nice features and great JRuby support.

I was having a problem tracking down a bug in my JRuby code. I fired up Netbeans, set a break point and stepped though the code. It worked great, I found the problem immediately.

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3 comments on “Debugging JRuby with Netbeans 6
  1. christian says:

    i want to create a website that has a rss using netbeans, i dont know how will i make it, im using netbeans 6. pls help me.

  2. Scott Fraser says:

    Have you seen Tor Norbye’s demo? Very impressive:

    You can download the MOV file from there – trying to stream if in the flash player on Netbeans TV is painful.

  3. roger says:

    Isn’t there some parameter you have to pass to jruby to get this to work…? how do you get it to work from the command line, for instance?

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