Hooking custom authentication into Radiant CMS


I’m working on a site running Radiant CMS. Instead of authenticating users with the Radiant database we want to use Crowd.

I need to do 2 things
1) have User include CrowdAuthenticator
2) override the existing implementation of User.authenticate

The solution took a while, but it turned out to be fairly simple.

Create a new radiant extension

$ script/generate extension crowd_authenticator

Create a CrowdAuthenticator module in the lib directory under the extension. The CrowdAuthenticator module has a method to authenticate users by calling Ruby code that wraps the Crowd SOAP API. It also handles updating the Radiant database with the user information from Crowd.

The extension injects my module into the Radiant User model.

class CrowdAuthenticatorExtension < Radiant::Extension def activate User.send :include, CrowdAuthenticator end end [/sourcecode] Radiant looks for the user in the database. I want to change the definition of User.authentication without editing the Radiant code. [sourcecode language='ruby'] class User < ActiveRecord::Base ... def self.authenticate(login, password) find_by_login_and_password(login, sha1(password)) end ... end [/sourcecode] I was having trouble trying to "override" the "static" authenticate method. Fortunately Simon Harris helped out with Alias a Static Method in Ruby

When my extension loads it replaces User.authenticate with CrowdAuthenticator.crowd_login.

# crowd_authenticator.rb
require ‘crowd’

module CrowdAuthenticator
def self.included(base)
base.extend ClassMethods

base.class_eval do
class << self alias_method :old_authenticate, :authenticate alias_method :authenticate, :crowd_login end end end module ClassMethods def crowd_login(login, password) crowd_user = get_crowd_user login, password return nil if crowd_user.nil? find_or_create_user crowd_user end def get_crowd_user(login, password) # call api # check groups crowd_user end def find_or_create_user(crowd_user) # create radiant user if necessary # update radiant user with info from crowd_user # save and return user end end end [/sourcecode] I also added some new routes to disable the existing pages for creating, and editing users, since these are now managed through Crowd.

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One comment on “Hooking custom authentication into Radiant CMS
  1. Awesome, man, Thnx a lot it helps me to do the over API integration for radiant

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