Installing Rails on Ubuntu 7.10

It was kind of a pain to get Rails installed on Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). Ruby is in the main repositories, but rdoc and ri are in the universe repository. Universe also has a ruby-full package with dependencies to most of the ruby packages, which is nice.

Enable universe by editing /etc/apt/sources.list

It’s even easier to enable universe through synaptic.

$ sudo synaptec

Settings -> Repositories
Check Community-maintained Open Source software (universe)
Save, Close, Close

Update apt-get and install the ruby-full meta package

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install ruby-full

Install curl

sudo apt-get install curl

Download rubygems-1.0.1 since the one from apt-get is old

$ curl -OL
$ tar xzf rubygems-1.0.1.tgz
$ cd rubygems-1.0.1
$ sudo ruby setup.rb

Gem gets installed as gem1.8 which is annoying. (Probably because ruby is a symlinked to ruby1.8). Another symlink fixes this.

$ sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gem1.8 /usr/bin/gem

Something in build-essential is required to build mongrel_cluster

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential
$ sudo gem install mongrel_cluser

I use MySQL

$ sudo apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev
$ sudo gem install mysql

Install more gems

$ sudo gem install capistrano
$ sudo gem install soap4r
$ sudo gem install radiant
$ sudo gem install your-favorite-gem

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2 comments on “Installing Rails on Ubuntu 7.10
  1. AcesX420 says:

    Very nice guide, although sudo apt-get rubygems is a fine procedure ;)

    i vouch for this man :)

  2. Chris says:

    Works great! But one thing is missing – gem install rails, at least it was for me.

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