Sniffing iPhone Traffic

So you want to know what you iPhone is doing on the internet?

Download and install Charles Proxy.  Charles is shareware.  I paid the $50 for a license since it’s a great tool.  Anyway, follow their installation instructions and start

You’ll need the IP address of your Mac.  I use ifconfig to get my IP address, you can use Network Utility if you’d prefer.


Once you have your IP address, open Settings -> WiFi on your phone and choose the current network.


Scroll to the bottom and select Manual under HTTP Network.

Enter your IP address and 8888 for the port.  

Exit out of settings using the home button.


Switch back to Charles on your Mac.  If Charles has recorded a bunch of activity, use the trash can icon to clear the screen.  

Open the stocks application on your phone.

Charles will ask for permission to allow your phone to use the proxy.


Expand the tree for and click on one of the request response pairs.  On the right hand pane choose “Response” on the top.  Choose “XML Text” on the bottom.  Now you can see the XML that Apple sent to the stock application on your phone.


Now that you know what your doing, have fun.

Oh and don’t forget to disable the proxy on your phone after, otherwise your network will appear broken.

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