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Factory Reset Galaxy Tab 10.1

I tried resetting our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 today using Settings -> Privacy -> Factory data reset. The device refused to reset itself without the Samsung account password. Fortunately there’s a way to reset outside of the OS. Shut the

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Isobar Create 48

My friend Chris Bernardi invited me to join his team for the Isobar Create 48 NFC Hackathon along with April DiMartino and Marc Neuwirth. The event kicked off on Tuesday around 3 PM at Space with a Soul. Before the hackathon there were some genera…

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No proxy for you

I had planned to show how to sniff network traffic from an Android phone, similar to my iPhone example. No such luck. Surprisingly, the Nexus One doesn’t have a UI to set the WiFi proxy. It looks like tcpdump or Wireshark is the way to go here.

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